Tampa Air Duct Cleaning Guide

Before you decide whether or not to get your air ducts cleaned, you should understand how they work and why they acquire dirt. Tampa air duct cleaning

The majority of homes are heated by a furnace and a duct system that distributes hot air throughout the house. This system includes “return” ducting, which brings cold air into your furnace, as well as “supply” ducting, which distributes warm air throughout your home.

By walking down to your basement and inspecting the sheet metal ducting that is normally located hanging from the floor joists on the ceiling, you can readily discern the difference between return and supply ducting.

The supply duct emerges from the top of the furnace, while the return duct is usually a huge rectangle attached to the bottom of the furnace. A big “trunk” duct on the ceiling, as well as smaller metal ducts branching off into each heated room, make up the supply duct. They’re usually hidden behind a metal grate on the floor or on the wall.

Because your ductwork is exposed to the air in your home, it can quickly accumulate dust, hair, pet dander, and other waste. This is particularly true of the return ducts, which supply air to the furnace.

Is it, however, necessary to get your ducts cleaned?

A thorough duct cleaning will remove dust, filth, and hair, as well as any toys, pens, or jewellery that may have fallen into the ducting. Some people believe that cleaning your air ducts will improve your interior air quality because they should be immaculate after they’ve been fully cleaned, while others disagree.

If you suspect water has gotten into your air ducts, either from a leak or moisture, you should consider having them cleaned. This can lead to the growth of mould in the ducts, which can be dangerous. You’ll need to address the leak or condensation issue first, then have your ducts properly cleansed — or maybe replaced, depending on the severity of your mould problem.

If you are a new homeowner or have recently had renovations done on your home, you may want to have your ducts cleaned if you feel the contractors who worked on it did not do a thorough job cleaning up. Construction personnel are known to leave microscopic bits of firbreglass, drywall, and sawdust in the air ducts.

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