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“Partida Corona Medical Center has given me everything I have ever needed from a medical care provider,” said Miguel Delgado, who came to Partida from the Philippines five years ago. “I was treated well and I survived an illness that left me with a serious hip problem. I still feel good and I always know that if I have a problem with my hip, I will come back to Partida to get the treatment I need.”You may want to check out Partida Corona Medical Center for more.

“We offer a full range of services including urgent care, hospital admissions, critical care, outpatient services, dental care, laboratory services, dental implants, vision care,” continued Miguel. “I haven’t had any problems with Partida yet, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the service that I have received. I highly recommend Partida Corona Medical Center to anyone who is in the las Vegas area and in need of a las Vegas direct primary care physician.” If you live in las Vegas and need a primary care physician, you need to find one in the las Vegas area. Luckily there is a las Vegas direct primary care physician’s office just a few miles away from Miguel’s home.

“The Partida Corona Medical Center in las Vegas includes an emergency room, a surgical unit, an intensive care unit, two doctors’ offices, two chiropractors’ offices, a pharmacy, a lab, an imaging center, a pharmacy, a blood bank, a nutrition center, a surgery podiatry unit, a patient/volunteer drive program, a family medicine office, and a nutrition center,” according to their web site. The emergency room is very small, yet has a full scale triage unit. The entire hospital is fully equipped to handle any type of medical emergency. There are also over three hundred paid employees, which makes the Partida Corona Medical Center one of the largest employers in the las Vegas area.