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Landscape design is an art and a discipline, practiced mostly by landscape architects, merging nature and culture in harmony. In modern practice, landscape design blends the practical with the aesthetic, blending architecture with landscaping. Chicago landscape design has some nice tips on this. The landscape architect combines the building of the landscape with the surrounding community, using architecture to define the relationship between people, place, and landscape. The landscape designer is responsible for providing a sustainable landscape that meets the needs of the community in an environmentally responsible way.


This field of landscape architecture is an artistic and technical art, requiring both creativity and technical know-how. Artistic Landscapes is built on theories of form, color, light, texture, line, form and composition, as well as on the interaction of these concepts with each other and the existing surroundings. In this field, the use of natural materials is very common. Landscape architecture is also concerned with the aesthetic appreciation of natural areas and their relationship to buildings and urban spaces. Landscape design includes everything from deciding what plants will grow in your yard to the overall appearance of your garden to the materials used to build it.

Many factors have to be considered when planning the design of a landscape design. One of the most important aspects is the location. You must take into consideration the sun hours, rainfall, soil drainage and type of the plant. A good location is one where there will be plenty of greenery, water availability, shade for shady areas and wind flow to protect plants from harsh weather conditions. Plants should be chosen based on sunlight hours, wind conditions and hardness of soil. Sunlight requirements of different plants will vary depending on their location and growth habits.

The use of space is another factor that goes into landscape design. Gardens vary in size and shape. Gardeners often work on small sections of a large landscape. Public parks are large areas that require careful planning to make sure you don’t overshadow the park or cause too much shade.

A good landscape design should include enough seating to accommodate visitors and their children. Public parks are often made up of open spaces with benches or tables where people can relax, play and dine. Other public gardens may have playgrounds, bridge walkways and other places for people to get exercise and have fun. The architect should take these features into account when designing the garden spaces.

Landscape architecture is the process of combining the physical landscape design with the psychological design of the garden. Public parks are an example of this combination. Public places such as a garden, school or museum need careful planning to provide the desired effect without causing too much shade and disruption to the area. A landscape architect can help achieve the desired effect in an affordable and effective way.

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