Eaton’s Beach Catering company- An Overview

If you are looking for a place to go to relax, enjoy the nightlife and have a few good dining experiences under the sun, consider the fabulous restaurants of Eaton’s Beach in Venice, LA. Considered by many to be the best waterfront restaurant in the Los Angeles area (and that’s saying something!) with award winning chefs, you can choose from five or six-course dinners, and there’s always a special occasion or party that is sure to be lined up for this popular beachfront eatery.
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Enjoy a quiet afternoon on the sand during the summer or relax with a glass of lemonade at sundown. Relaxed beach front restaurant featuring traditional Louisiana-style cooking, an expansive patio & frequent live music. The friendly staff is available to make your experience a pleasurable one!

Many of the restaurants offer private pools, water slides and other fun features to make your vacation even more enjoyable. You can also find Eaton’s Beach Closed Circuit TV, with local channels devoted to the sports, entertainment and history of the Golden State. In addition to five restaurants, there is also an eight-screen movie theater, two bowling alleys, two volleyball courts, two miniature golf courses, and two beach clubs. You can literally have a vacation right where you live at Eaton’s Beach. All this and the closeness of the community only add to the allure of this gem in the Venice area.